Annapolis man offering reward for stolen lawn ornament

A thief stole a 'fisherman' from the man's yard
Posted at 4:58 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 10:15:49-05

A retiree is looking for an heirloom that's been in his family for half a century. He says nothing like this has ever happened in his neighborhood and he isn't sure who would take something right out of his yard. 

As the seasons change, one thing in Charlie Berliner's front yard never did --- until two weeks ago. 

"It was of enormous value to me, it would be no value to the person who took it. It has no particular monetary value I don't suppose," he said. 

A sign is all that's left after someone stole a fisherman -- a 40" wood carved figure and fish that sat in Charlie's front lawn for nearly a decade. 

"I carved new feet for it, new hands, re-attached his arm, fixed his rotted shoulder and we had him out front," Berliner said. 

Repairs that meant the world to the 70-year-old retired contractor. 

Charlie is an amateur sculptor in his spare time and restored the neighborhood fixture passed down by his parents. 

"It's something that gave me a lot of pleasure. I'd think of my late parents when I looked at it when I went out in the morning," he said. 

Now all that's left for Charlie are 'missing' signs and missing memories. 

"The person who took this took more than a possession. They took something that I had an emotional connection to," he said. 

Charlie is offering a $100 reward to anyone that knows what happened to the lawn ornament. 

If you know anything, call 410-279-9978.

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