Zip code breakdown added to state coronavirus data

Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 23:28:42-04

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — A Baltimore City zip code has the highest concentration of COVID-19 cases statewide. That's according to new state data. Going forward, cases will be posted by zip code on the state's website to better understand who is getting sick.

"We’re trying to save the lives of thousands of people in our state," said Gov. Larry Hogan on ABC This Week Sunday.

The site already tracked cases by county, age and race.

"This disparity among African-Americans is very disturbing," said Hogan.

The difference is nearly 1,000 people when comparing African-American to Caucasian Marylanders who have tested positive. Now all the cases will be further broken down by zip code to show where resources are needed.

"It’s where almost all of our attention, all of our focus, all of our money, all of our health care, all the assistance from the National Guard. It’s really where all of our testing is being done. It’s where all of our health care is being ramped up, where we are adding 6,000 hospital beds," said Hogan.

The zip code with the most cases in the state spans from Baltimore City's Druid Hill Park to Pikesville in Baltimore County. It includes Pimlico, where a drive-thru testing site just opened.

"In our community, in the black community, you’re talking about people who are already low on the totem pole. When you’re talking about taking a car and go to West Baltimore to get tested, well we don’t have cars so how do the people in South Baltimore and West Baltimore, how do we get there?" said Councilwoman Shannon Sneed.

Sneed, who represents East Baltimore, said the new data is helpful but she wants to see it used to stop the spread in these communities, with a public health plan that includes more accessible testing and contact tracing.

"Looking at all the data to say. 'Well if she or he’s asymptomatic, why are they asymptomatic?' Or if they aren’t and are still passing it along... it’s looking at the data more deeply to find out how we prevent it from spreading," said Sneed.

According to the zip code data, other hot spots include several Silver Spring and Prince Georges County zip codes, along with an area of Parkville in Baltimore County.