The Charm'tastic Mile using hashtag to spread awareness about wearing your mask

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Posted at 7:24 PM, Jul 02, 2020

BALTIMORE — The "Charm'tastic Mile is urging all Americans to adhere to the advice of health professionals and wear your mask in public.

They're using the hashtag, #WearingMaskMatters to spread awareness.

"The new hashtag #WearingMaskMatters must be taken seriously for us as a country to fight this monstrous disease that's taking lives at the number that make up a small U.S. city", says Derrick E. Vaughan of The 'Charm'tastic Mile'. "This is not a black & white issue, it's a life & death issue and that should be enough concern for all American citizens. The "Charm'tastic Mile" is pleading with all of the great people in our country to please wear your mask and practice safe distancing. It's the most effective way to win this war on COVID-19."