Surgeon General and Baltimore public health officials urge Baltimoreans to follow public health guidelines

Posted at 4:41 PM, Aug 07, 2020

BALTIMORE — The U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome M. Adams addressed Baltimoreans Friday about how they can stop the spread of COVID-19. This comes as Baltimore loosens restrictions on indoor dining and religious gatherings.

Fresh off a tour of a field hospital at the Baltimore Convention center Adams said the public needs to follow public health guidelines. For weeks now, Baltimore City has been an area concern in the fight against COVID-19. It's seen as a possible hot spot.

"We don't need to wait for a vaccine. We don't need to wait for a miracle therapeutic," Adams said, pointing to New York City where Gov. Andrew Cuomo cleared schools to reopen. "We know how to stop the spread of this disease."

Adams referred to what he calls the three W's.

"Number one, wash your hands," he said. "Number two, watch your distance, meaning stay at least 6 feet from others and avoid crowded places and number three, wear a face mask. If we do these three things, these 3W’s we can get back to school, we can get back to worship, we can get back to watching the Orioles and Ravens play."

Right now the positivity rate of COVID-19 in Baltimore City is 5.15 percent. That's one point above the statewide average.

"In recent weeks Baltimore city has been identified by the White House Corona Task force as an emerging hotspot," said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa. "Community transmission here is widespread and too many of our young people are not heating the advice of public health professionals. We really need them to pay attention."