Reduced Healthcare during Coronavirus outbreak

Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-17 06:54:22-04

MARYLAND — It’s estimated that around 27 million people don’t have health insurance in the United States.

On Monday Maryland launched an initiative to make it a little easier.The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, is an independent unit of the State government.

It's now a special enrollment for health insurance to give families a peace of mind.

“Most plans will be offering testing at no cost, that is an order by the Maryland Insurance Administration,” said Michelle Eberle the Executive Director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. “Testing will be no cost. If you’re having treatment associated with that depending on the health plan purchase, there could be different copays involved etc.”

They’ve opened up a special enrollment period for people who are eligible for insurance. It’s a 30 day open enrollment that runs through April 15th.

“We’re here to help people get insurance resources. It doesn’t matter if it’s now in a time of the Corona Virus or at anytime,” said Eberle. “We want people to have health insurance.”

She said the amount of people signing up online skyrocketed on Monday and she expects the trend to continue.

“It is more heightened now with the Corona only because there is much more of a sense of urgency. Even young individuals, what we call them is the young invincible under age 34, who think they may not need health insurance. This is a perfect example of why everybody needs to have that peace of mind and protect themselves from unforeseen illnesses.”

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