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Community donates meals to support hospital workers, local restaurants

organized by Central Baltimore Partnership
Posted at 4:53 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 19:56:23-04

BALTIMORE — The Central Baltimore Partnership has launched the square meals initiative to support hospital workers and small businesses, at the same time.

Every $12 donation provides a meal to hospital staff in Baltimore.

The meals come from local restaurants to give them business during a time when many are struggling.

Each delivery is 100 meals for workers on the designated COVID-19 floor and in the emergency department at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital.

"We wanted to make sure these 100 meals were served across all people providing care, whether it was the janitor, whether it was the person answering the phone or whether it was a doctor," said Jack Danna, with Central Baltimore Partnership.

"Our health care frontline is experiencing extraordinary stress," said Ryan Moran, with Medstar Union Baltimore City. "Our staff is so appreciative of the work of Central Baltimore Partnership, of all of those who are giving, and we truly feel supported during this incredible time for our city."

Restaurants like Clavel, Bramble Baking Company, Carma’s, Clavel, Larder, Sophomore Coffee and Secret Sauce Company are preparing dinners, breakfasts and snacks for this effort.

"I have joy providing for people, seeing the people in the restaurant, having a smile, having a drink, a margarita. I don’t have that right now so what better way to do it to take it to an emergency room and have the smile somewhere else where people are hustling for others?" said Clavel Executive Chef Carlos Rava.

So far, CBP has donated 300 meals and they have raised enough money to donate 200 meals a week for the next 5 weeks. But they would like to double that and service Johns Hopkins Hospital workers too.

To volunteer, e-mail Jack at jdanna@centralbaltimore.org.

To donate, click here.