LifeBridge Health begins vaccinating front-line team members

Posted at 6:19 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 17:13:13-05

BALTIMORE — LifeBridge Health received its first doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine and on Thursday began vaccinating front-line team members.

LifeBridge says 24 front-line employees received vaccinations on Thursday at Sinai. More team members were vaccinated Friday morning at Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital and Carroll Hospital, including doctor Esti Schabelman from Sinai.

He says follow the science.

"As a physician who's looked at the trial and looked at the data, I can tell you no steps were skipped all of the steps for a usual trial were followed they were just done quicker
Some of them were done at the same time. In addition the phase 3 trial had ten times the normal amount of participants than a regular phase 3 trial and they didn't discover any significant adverse effects."

“This is really an exciting moment for our care teams who have been working tirelessly for months to care for COVID-19 patients,” says Leslie Simmons, executive vice president and chief operating officer at LifeBridge Health.

LifeBridge Health created an “opt-in” program for the COVID vaccine, meaning that employees must register to let the health system know that they want to receive the COVID vaccine. It is not mandatory.