High risk individuals who test positive for COVID may be eligible for monoclonal antibody treatment

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 14, 2021

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — During Wednesday's update on the COVID-19 vaccine roll out, Acting Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health Public Health Services Jinlene Chan, M.D., highlighted an important treatment modality called monoclonal antibodies.

"This is a treatment that laboratory made and these are antibodies that mimic a person's natural antibodies if they were to become infected with COVID-19 to actually protect them against the infection and disease," Chan explained. "These were approved in November by the FDA under an emergency use authorization and have been deployed to the state in multiple locations for individuals who are high risk and also have a positive COVID test."

Chan says that when the treatment is given, studies show there's a reduced risk of hospitalizations and emergency department visits. Thus reducing the need for individuals to go to the hospital because the antibodies actually reduce the viral load and symptoms.

If an individual is at high risk and contracts the virus, they may be eligible for the treatment.

The Maryland Department of Health has been working with hospital partners across the state as well as other healthcare providers to offer these treatments in situations where the person's healthcare provider feels its appropriate.

They say if you fall under the high risk category you should speak with a healthcare provider to see if this treatment is something that could benefit you. Click here for more information on the treatment.