Health officials remind public to dispose of personal protective equipment properly

Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 07:19:12-04

BALTIMORE — With the use of personal protective equipment on the rise amid COVID-19, some people are seeing more trash as a result.

Posts on social media show improperly discarded to fight the spread of COVID-19 infection some people are seeing.

"You shouldn’t walk through people’s neighborhoods and drop your trash," said Bolton Hill resident Delores Creighton.

WMAR-2 News found Creighton cleaning up discarded PPE and other trash outside her home on Eutaw Place Wednesday.

"When I saw the gloves I said, 'Oh no, no.' I got out there and picked them up along with the other stuff. I like a clean view," said Creighton.

She isn't alone in wanting public places clean. Social media posts show plenty of people frustrated with people throwing gloves and masks on sidewalks and area parking lots. Health officials advise people to throw used PPE in a lined trash receptacle.

"They’re great for prevention of contact of infectious materials but they at one point can become contaminated or soiled," said Shelly Choo, Chief Medical Officers for the Baltimore City Health Department. "Used PPE can become a method of exposing others of this infectious materials as well."

The litter is also unfair to people who have to clean it up.

"If you are being a good samaritan," said Choo, "Be sure to wear your own protective gear and do not touch your face. Wash your hands afterwards and if you're using a tool to pick up litter be sure to sanitize it as well."

"Just be a good person," said Creighton. "Clean up after yourself."