Fixing your car during the coronavirus outbreak

Posted at 11:09 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 23:20:05-04

SEVERN, Md. — Your car doesn’t know about the Coronavirus outbreak but it’s still going to tell you when something’s wrong and you may need to get work done.

Well there’s local shops who are offering things to avoid that in person contact.

“There are a lot of people specifically the elderly and those who are shut in that probably feel a little bit captive in their own homes,” said Bruce Spencer the Owner of Walt Eger’s. “Frankly what we’re trying to do as an auto repair facility is reach out and help them mitigate some of that an offer a pickup and delivery service for them from our shop.”

The job of a auto-mechanic shop can’t be done from home.

At Walt Eger’s in Severn they’ll come get your car fix it and drop it back off.

“The thought was for the elderly who are a little more trapped in their homes but at the same time we have a lot of federal workers around here who are telecommuting so anything we can do to accommodate we will try,” Spencer said.

Spencer said they are adhering to all the CDC guidelines for workers and being as safe as possible in this hands on profession.

But they are taking precautions to keep employees safe.

“We’re full of Lysol right here right now. Really we’re trying to do all the hand sanitizing. All the guidelines we’ve been asked to follow certainly to accommodate the customers vehicle as well. We whips down steering wheels, door handles, everything that you would expect.”

He says springtime the shop would still usually be buzzing right now— business has slowed with less people on the road.

“We have people who need to make a living here as well. Taking care of the employees is also key. You’ve got to be innovative.

he anticipates and hopes an influx of work will come in when the pandemic dies down.

“There will be pent up demand for our services as well. The more you can be to get stuff down when it’s really needed.”

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