Coronavirus and stress, therapist talks about how outbreak impacts stress levels

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-11 23:18:49-04

BALTIMORE — Jewish Community Services Clinical Therapist Tikvah Womack spoke with WMAR-2 News Kelly Swoope about the stress of the coronavirus and the inundation of information.

Q. With daily briefings from our state and federal elected officials it's hard not to worry about the Coronavirus?

A. It's normal whenever we hear that something is affecting us on a personal level on a daily level, we get nervous, we get anxious and worried about what does this mean for us, and our families.

Q. The fact that there's constantly new developments and an abundance of information on the Coronavirus…it can be overwhelming for anyone, but you can do your homework?

A. Trying to really look at the facts in front of you and the facts are that it is a virus. It is an illness just as people have encountered viruses and illness before.

Q. As we're all juggling school closings, canceled vacations and a turbulent stock market, how important is it to stop and take a deep breath?

A. I think it's important for everybody regardless of all this you know to detach from that a little bit because there a lot of different messages that you can be fed and just really trying to be in the moment figure out ways to have an outlet.