Baltimore nurse heads to New York to help COVID-19 patients

Posted at 3:44 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 17:26:44-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore native Tyrin Tyson just completed his first week as a traveling nurse in New York City. The Towson University graduate told WMAR-2 News the experience has been an eye opener.

"I was working in Baltimore before things got really bad," said Tyson. "Here in New York it's totally different."

He works 12 hour shifts at Mount Sinai Brooklyn. It's left him little to no time socializing outside of work. His time is spent going back and forth to work.

"Everybody is just tired, drained," he said. "My face hurts because I have to wear a mask on for 12 hours straight. I'm sweating more than I’ve ever sweat at work."

He also said he's seeing more patients than he saw in Maryland.

"I have only worked a week and I feel like I’ve worked a month," said Tyson. "My usual patient ratio at any facility was 4 to 1 and now I’m taking on 7 to 1 sometimes 9 to 1 so that’s me taking care of nine different people."

He originally thought being a travel nurse would allow him to explore the community he works in. Right now he's just following social distancing rules.

"We're all under tight restrictions," he said. "New York is a fast pace place, at least it was. Just walking around the street there are a few people. It’s very quiet. Everyone who is walking around has on a face mask or some type of cover."

His assignment is for eight weeks. He's unclear if his contract will be extended but told WMAR-2 News he hopes to go where he's needed.

"Where ever this crisis takes me, I'll ride the wave," he said.