A stitch in time to save lives

911 worker sews protective masks
Posted at 4:34 PM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 14:03:49-04

MIDDLE RIVER, Md. — By day, she’s a fire and police dispatcher for Baltimore County, but at night, Ashley McHugh is helping to protect them by sewing masks.

“Within a day, maybe 15 people were like, ‘Can I get 30 of them?’ ‘Can I get 50 of them for my whole unit?’” said McHugh. “You know, Sinai Children’s, ‘How many can you get us? Could you get us 50?’

Ashley enlisted her sister-in-law, Beth McHugh, to help.

“She had talked to a bunch of nurses to ask them what they would want,” Beth told us. “She did her research. She’s that chick. She did her research.”

A so-called chick that has since rallied together about 20 people who have churned out 385 masks in just five days.

“We’ve done Marvel Comics. We’ve done police, Wonder Woman, Batman,” added Beth.

So far, the McHughs have distributed the masks to 10 area hospitals, police and fire departments, along with two nursing homes, a pharmacy and medical workers in three other states, and there’s a waiting list for more.

Unsung heroes helping heroes?

These super chicks are way too modest for that.

“You can only do so much housework. You can only clean so many cabinets and it’s a nice break,” said Beth. “and to know that what you’re doing, however small, is being put to really, really good use.”

“At least I feel like I’m doing something… in this crazy time,” added Ashley. “Everybody keeps saying this is unprecedented and we’ve never had this before. At least I’m doing something to help. I feel like I’m helping.”