Baltimore Civilian Review Board reports findings from Keith Davis Jr. case

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 22:51:28-04

On Tuesday, more accusations of corruption and misconduct in the Baltimore City Police Department.

After nearly two years of research, attorneys for Keith Davis Jr. say the Baltimore Civilian Review Board found he was wrongfully charged after being shot by police officers.

According to Davis' attorneys, the board said Davis never fired a gun at officers and that he may not have even had a gun at all.

Davis is in jail right now on handgun charges.

He's facing a murder charge after a Pimlico Race Course security guard, Kevin Jones, was killed in 2015.

Davis was shot by police in June 2015 after police went after him as a robbery suspect.

Attorneys for Davis shared the Civilian Review Board’s findings on Tuesday.

“Mr. Davis was shot by the police unjustly,” said Attorney Latoya Francis-Williams. “This information was in the hands of the State's Attorney'S Office for Baltimore City; this information was in the hands of the police department for Baltimore City. As we have been crying for since the beginning of this saga these charges should have and shall be dismissed.”

The findings call for two police officers to be terminated and for two more to be suspended.

“Circumstantial evidence tied only by a handgun that we now have an independent review from the civilian review board, the officers who originally testified in this matter testified inconsistently,” said Natalie Finegar who will defend Davis in June.

Melba Saunders, the Director of Communications for the Office of the State’s Attorney, released this statement on the findings.  

“The Civilian Review Board is an important body to help bridge the gap of community distrust in the justice system. However, the board's findings are separate and apart from the criminal proceedings currently pending against the defendant, for which we cannot comment. Therefore, the criminal investigation into the alleged actions of the defendant has no correlation with the use of force applied by the police in the apprehension of him.”

The review board pointed to a crime lab investigation that showed a gun that police say had Davis's fingerprints on it was never fired and all the bullets fired on the scene were from officers.

“This has been an effort to bury and persecute Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis has been fighting for his liberty and his life since 2015, the one for this to stop is certainly now,” said Williams.

Davis’ wife Kelly has maintained that her husband is innocent since the beginning.
The findings also claim inconsistent testimony from internal affairs interviews and court testimony from the officers.

 “This ink is holding officers accountable saying that they did something so egregious on that day that they are calling for them to be terminated,” said Kelly Davis. “This is the ink that we’ve been waiting for. The fight does not stop until my husband crosses that threshold of my home.”

Davis is scheduled to head to court for the murder charge next month.