A PhD in chocolate? Cambridge makes it a reality

Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 17, 2014

Getting ready to head off to college this fall and still not sure yet what you want to do when you grow up? Well, how about getting a PhD in chocolate?

You probably think we're joking, but it's the real deal. The BBC reports it's all possible at the University of Cambridge through its Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

When you first hear about the program, you might imagine something similar to a real-life "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," but that's not necessarily the case. It turns out there's plenty of science behind it.

While Cambridge calls the program "mainly experimental," The Independent reports it also says you need to be good at math and have studied sciences including physics, chemistry or engineering for at least four years.

As Metro comically writes: "Sadly, a long history of polishing off family-size Galaxy bars in front of 'Gossip Girl' won’t count as credentials."

Enough about the requirements. What will the student actually do if they're selected?

On the ad, posted to its website, Cambridge says an applicant should find ways that chocolate can stay solid in warmer climates and keep its quality at the same time. The internship is fully paid and would last three-and-a-half years.

The application deadline is August 29, so there's no time to waste. Watch this Newsy video to learn more.