3 Ways to Stop Your Friends from Phone Snubbing

Posted at 8:15 AM, Dec 15, 2015

Love may be blind, but it sees how enchanted you are by your cell phone. Phone snubbing or phubbing can have a dramatic impact on your relationship and now research proves it. According to findings out of Baylor University, more phubbing in a relationship means more conflict, and that means less happiness. The behaviors go beyond picking up the phone just having it on the table, or glancing at it during a meal or conversation can make your partner feel marginalized. In fact, researchers say 36.6% of people who were phubbed felt depressed. But it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship any longer. The List’s Teresa Strasser and certified stress management coach Shoshana Hanson to give the Lowdown on how to stop it.

1. Hold a phubbing intervention will help you tell your partner they're a phubber with an email. If that doesn’t work, print on of the websites posters and put it up in plain view.

2. Hold their phone ransom

Ransomly is a new app and device that will allow you to block your significant others apps until they stop phubbing you.

3. Make them pay

When sitting down at dinner, put all the phones in the middle of the table, first phubber picks up the check! If you're at home, you phub, you do the dishes!  


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