'Not Joe Mama's Sauce' Joe Sudo inspired by an angel

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jul 02, 2018

Grandma egged him on. 

So Joe cracked a few eggs, scratch. 

How about these spices?  Scratch that. 

It took thirty-five years for Joe Sudo to strike perfection.  He has come up with “Not Joe Mama’s Sauce” 

His first audience was the fellas on football Sundays.  They like it so much they use to take the sauce home.  But Joe knew this was the year he was going to bottle it up and strike the big time. 

He is also being pushed by his son Joey. 

Joey Sudo died of cancer. You get the feeling this little angel is the one behind giving his dad all the inspiration he needs to go into this business. 

Joe just got back from New York after meeting with famous big named grocers and the early word is it went very well.