Caught on camera: 3 Phoenix officers run over

Posted at 6:44 PM, Sep 14, 2016

A horrifying incident was all caught on camera.

Three Phoenix police officers were run down as they stood outside a convenience store.

Those officers now recovering, but they were victims of an intentional, unprovoked attack.

The suspect, Marc Laquon-Payne, is now facing multiple charges. Court documents describe him as a "homeless transient" under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the crash.

The Phoenix police chief Joseph Yahner isn't speculating on a motive, but expressed anger about what he sees as a pattern of attacks on officers.

"I have never seen so many senseless, violent acts targeting law enforcement," he said. 

All three officers are expected to survive. As for Payne, court documents reveal he also attacked three Phoenix officers during a traffic stop in 1997.

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