Want to live a more sustainable life? Easy steps to take in your bathroom

Posted at 2:52 PM, Apr 05, 2019

What’s keeping you from living a more environmentally-friendly life? Maintaining a sustainable life can either sound intimidating or simply expensive, but there are small things you can do to get started.

Starting in the bathroom is an easy place to begin in the house, especially when it comes to what you buy for the bathroom.

“Life gets busy and people want convenience,” says Jesse Manderson with Zero Market, a store that sells sustainable products. “There are so many options than buying single-use containers and buying a new one every time."

Manderson says there are great sustainable, affordable products that you can swap out with your everyday one-and-done products.

Here are some budget-friendly, sustainable bathroom products that can help you become more environmentally conscious:

First up, Q-tips aren’t reusable and a pack of 375 of them cost just over $3. But on Zero Market’s website, you can purchase reusable ear picks for $6.

Next, 50 GLAD small trash bags will cost you around $5.99. You can find biodegradable green garbage bags on Amazon for $13.95 for a 100-pack, so roughly the same price.

Another example of a bathroom product to save on are cotton rounds. A 100-pack will cost around $2.27. However, you can buy reusable cotton rounds that are washable for $14 for a pack of 16.

Other sustainable products you can find are hair ties, toilet paper and non-toxic cleaning products.

“You shouldn't feel stressed about [it], you should feel good about it,” says Manderson on making sustainable purchases. “You're making changes for a lot of awesome reasons.”

You might have to spend a couple bucks extra for sustainable products. But in the end, for a lot of these items. you save money only having to buy them once.