Grocery shopping online vs at store: Which is the better deal?

Posted at 2:43 PM, Feb 05, 2019

When's the last time you went online to shop for groceries? Although it seems like a popular trend, a recent study found only 3% of U.S. grocery spending is done online.

"I can move through the grocery store really quickly,” says shopper Erin Chase. “I know where everything is, what I need. I have my little flow right."

Chase is the creator of the online website “5 Dollar Dinners.” She says shoppers are use to their traditional grocery stores and know exactly how to save.

According to a new study by Bain & Company, 97 percent of shoppers still shop at grocery stores, opposed to getting their groceries online.

"I think it’s taking a little bit of time for the market to warm up to this and how it fits into their life," Chase says.

Chase believes another reason online grocery shopping is not as popular might be because of the cost.

"We've seen some hesitancy, because it cost more," Chase says.

We put it to the test and purchased three items at Walmart. The total came out to $8.88 plus tax.

When we shopped for those same items online, the total was the same. However, online shoppers had to buy more because the minimum amount to get delivery was $30. Same-day delivery was an additional $9.95.

"People just can't justify the added cost long-term," Chase says.

What will it take for companies like Walmart and Amazon to gain online grocery shoppers?

"Anything they could do technology-wise to make it easier so shoppers,” says Chase. “Just have to click, click, click, and grab the savings where they can."

Companies might have to re-imagine their website to make it more user-friendly, too. For now, shoppers choose between saving time or saving money.