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Mix Up Bubbly Drinks At Home With These Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Makers

Mix Up Bubbly Drinks At Home With These Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Makers
Posted at 1:28 PM, Jan 27, 2022

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Bubbles can certainly make drinks more enjoyable. While soda filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners make sod may not be the healthiest choice, there are plenty of low-calorie carbonated drinks on the market.

Sparkling water, seltzer and club soda are all refreshing on their own and perfect for mixing up cocktails and mocktails. That’s why flavored sparkling water brands like La Croix and Bubly have seen sales soar in recent years. However, manufacturers often add unwanted ingredients like sugar and chemicals, along with carbonation. What’s more, buying carbonated beverages can be expensive and create a lot of waste, both in the manufacturing process and the consumer’s disposal of plastic bottles or aluminum cans.


The solution to an endless supply of bubbly drinks without all of the expense and waste? Carbonated beverage makers!

These handy little countertop appliances enable you to turn tap water and other beverages into carbonated drinks with the push of a button. They work by adding carbon dioxide to the liquid. When you put the cap on the bottle, pressure builds up and bubbles form.

Drinkmate is one of the most popular brands of carbonated beverage makers. Their devices can be used to spice up much more than water. You can use these machines to carbonate sports drinks, orange juice, coffee, tea and even wine or cocktails. As an added plus, if you have a drink like rootbeer, that has gone flat, the Drinkmate can actually re-carbonate it.


You can search the Drinkmate website for recipes like hard lemonade and fruity sparkling water. Alternatively, you might want to try SodaStream drops or other store-bought water enhancers for your drinks. Drinkmate’s machines are less costly than those of some competitors. They are also more compact and easy to clean. These appliances use removable fizz infusers that negate the pressure in the bottles you fill. As such, you won’t have to worry about eruptions during the opening process.

Our sister site Don’t Waste Your Money has a team of experts that spends hundreds of hours analyzing, testing and researching products to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Here are their top picks for Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Makers.

The Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water & Soda Maker


This drink maker has two 3-ounce carbon dioxide cylinders and can bubble up to 32 beverages. It is easy to use and clean. Like other Drinkmate products, it is powered by food-grade, BPA-free carbonation. This machine’s smaller cylinders run out of CO2 faster than larger ones, but this is an excellent product to take on trips. As such, note that you may need to order extra cartridges when purchasing.

Drinkmate’s Beverage Carbonation Maker Starter Kit


The starter kit comes with one 10-liter cylinder to get you started. It is compatible with all major brands of 60-liter C02 cartridges. It comes in three colors, and its compact design saves you counter space. You should be aware that the instruction manual for this product may be hard to follow. In addition, this model is harder to clean after carbonating juices. You will need to handwash some of the parts.

Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker


Tasty beverage options abound with this Drinkmate sparkling water and soda maker. From juice that needs an extra kick to flat soda that you’d like to reinvigorate, there’s no drink this machine can’t offer some pizzazz. This kit comes with the Drinkmate sparkling beverage maker, a 1-liter Carbonating Quick-Connect Bottle and a Fizz Infuser. The bottle is BPA-free, and all parts are made of food-grade materials.

Drinkmate Carbonation Bottles


This set of two Drinkmate 1-liter bottles is made of food-grade PET plastic. It is BPA-free and durable enough for reuse until the date on the bottle. With these handy carbonation containers, you can enjoy the fizzy beverages you love, all while saving plastic and aluminum that would otherwise be used to can and bottle commercially produced sodas and seltzers.

Drinkmate 60-Liter CO2 Refill Cylinder Set


You can buy this refill set for around $56 or use other compatible cylinders. Each 1-liter bottle costs around $10 and has printed expirations dates. You will have to remember to order these supplies before you run out. While it might feel costly to reorder these refills frequently, it is almost certainly less expensive than buying premade carbonated drinks.

Creative Ways To Use Your New Drink Maker

Once you get your new drink maker, it’s time to start experimenting and mixing up new beverages! For a new twist on a classic, try a carbonated margarita. Add all your favorite ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Use freshly squeezed fruits for the best results.


Shake well, and pour carefully into a Drinkmate bottle. Screw on the lid, and fit the bottle inside the machine. Press the silver button on top and hold it down until you hear a hissing sound. That noise means that your margaritas are perfectly carbonated and ready to enjoy!

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