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ThermoFisher - COVID Detector

Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-12 14:02:49-04

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the invention of some amazing tech to help fight the disease.

The scientists and innovators at ThermoFisher have developed a new machine to test for COVID in the air. The machine doesn't require any medical experience to operate, and most people can be up in running in just a few minutes.

The machine detects the presence of pathogens in the air, which can be helpful for schools, hospitals, restaurants, or any other place where many people come together. Just place in a well-trafficked area, insert the cartridge, and send for testing. The machine is validated for detection of COVID-19 and in the process of validating for influenza, RSV, and more.

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