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Kindred Hair & Skin Center - Fungal Acne

Posted at 1:59 PM, May 03, 2021

If you're noticing small, itchy bumps on your forehead, nose, chin, or even scalp, you may have research fungal acne only to find that fungal acne isn't fungal or acne!

These bumps are caused by a good yeast that lives on skin and feeds off oil, but can clog pores and cause small, itchy bumps. Acne is not itchy and so called fungal acne will not respond to traditional acne treatments. The same yeast can also cause dandruff on the head.

Over the counter treatments like tea tree oil and zinc or sulfur based cleaners can help, but there are also prescriptive options available. Kindred Hair and Skin Center can also do a deep cleanse, which will help unclog pores and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

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