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Kindred Hair and Skin Center - HS Treatment

Posted at 1:12 PM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-01 13:12:25-04

KINDRED HAIR AND SKIN CENTER - HS TREATMENT — Hidradenitis suppurativa, or HS, is a skin condition which causes painful boils to form in skin folds. The boils do not heal or go away, causing sometimes debilitating pain. Black women under 40 are most at risk for HS, but the condition can affect anyone from teens to seniors.

Kindred Hair and Skin Center understands the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment that usually surround HS. HS is a skin condition, not caused by the person suffering from it or poor hygiene. Treatments are available.

Patient Shelly Curtis knows what it's like to live with HS, and wants to encourage others to stop waiting for treatment and that living a life without pain is possible.

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