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Kind Research at Kindred Hair and Skin Center

Posted at 12:42 PM, Jul 05, 2024

Clinical trials are an essential component of health care, helping ensure that new medicines or treatments are safe and effective. The key to these trials is making sure everyone is represented. Some diseases are more prevalent in one race or gender, and some medications may not work the same for everyone.

Healthcare is moving towards precision medicine - that is medicines or treatments that target each individual. Kindred Hair and Skin wants to help every patient that comes through their doors, and wants patients to feel valued and comfortable participating in clinical trials.

Until 2022, researches were encouraged to include diversity in their trials, but were not incentivized or penalized for doing so. Lawmakers have recently changed the ruling to mandate diversity in certain trials, a big step in making sure medicine is effective and safe for all Americans.

Kindred Hair and Skin Center is able to offer clinical trials on site. This not only helps the overall community, but also provides a unique way for patients to get medications they may not have access to otherwise.

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