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Finley Alexander Wealth Management - Women's Health Month

Posted at 1:51 PM, May 10, 2021

May is Women's Health Month, a campaign to bring awareness to different health challenges women face. Stress is a big factor in mental and physical health, and money is the number one biggest stressor.

Women manage their careers, raise children, tend to elder parents, run the household, and so much more. Adding one more thing to a plate, especially when it has to do with saving or figuring out finances, can be overwhelming.

But money and planning doesn't need to be stressful. The experts at Finley Alexander Wealth Management can help make a plan and stick to it. It's important to understand what your goals are - are you saving for one big thing like a car, wedding, or trip, or are you saving for more general goals like retirement? Once a plan is in place, it makes it easier to meet or even exceed goals.

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