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Chef Cindi Avila - Healthy Foods

Posted at 2:52 PM, Jan 13, 2020

Are you ready to eat healthy in 2020? Chef Cindi Avila has some great tips to make this your best year yet!

Sugary drinks can pack loads of sneaky calories. Ditch them and feel better with Beetology. Try one of five delicious flavors for a refreshing, no sugar added beverage!

Salad is great as a side or main dish, but salad dressing can derail your healthy meal. Mighty Sesame Co Tahini is a great alternative as a dressing, dip, or in a recipe!

Need something more portable? No problem! Mighty Sesame Co Tahini Bars come in three yummy flavors and are perfect for snack, dessert, or grab and go!

Save time in 2020 with Dorot Gardens. These fresh herbs are perfectly chopped and portioned to perfectly season your next meal.

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