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Baltimore Sleeps Better - Sleep Apnea Treatment

Posted at 1:43 PM, Jun 25, 2024

Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder that disrupts breathing during sleep. During the night, a person with sleep apnea will stop and start breathing several times. This can lead to feeling tired during the day and also have more serious consequences like cardiac issues, high blood pressure, increased risk for diabetes and stroke, and high risk of anxiety and depression.

Traditionally, sleep apnea is treated by CPAP, but the masks, hoses, and wires can be uncomfortable for patients and lead to the treatment not being used correctly or at all.

Dr. John Taylor of Baltimore Sleeps Better understands the side effects and frustration involved with treating sleep apnea - he's had the disease for most of his life. His practice is now treating apnea with mouth guards. Mouth guards help keep the jaw forward during the night, which in turn keeps the airway open. They are comfortable to wear and covered by most major insurance companies.

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