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Police seek leads to find missing Elkton man Chris Dietterick

Cell phone turned off, no credit cards to track
Posted at 4:23 AM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 13:34:55-05

ELKTON, Md. — Chris Dietterick was 41-years-old when he was last seen in Elkton, in May of 2019.

He was being treated for melanoma in his leg. He also needs a liver transplant.

His family reported him missing after receiving a call that he didn't show up for his cancer treatment in Baltimore on June 5, 2019.

Chris Dietterick is loved and missed by his younger sister Sara Dietterick.

“We knew each other had each other, no matter what, and there was no judgments ever from any of us, either side. Like he could tell me anything. I could tell him anything. He was my best friend. He was my big brother,” Dietterick said.

Elkton Police Sgt. Ronald Odom recalled the last time Chris was seen in Elkton was on May 30, 2019.

“The last known location that we have him at is the health department across the street from our station. We have him on video there. We know he left there. After that, we don't know where he went,” Odom said.

Chris's sister Sara did a bit of investigating of her own and talked to a coupe of people who knew him in Elkton.

“He said he'd talk to them later, and he went towards Locust Lane and they went a different way. And that was it. No one ever saw or heard from him again. His phone turned off, probably within the hour of the last time he was seen,” Dietterick said.

Chris's family says he had a life on the streets but lived behind this house on Locust Lane. police searched Meadow Park where Chris liked to go on occasion, near the cow pond.

Besides following up on a few tips about the places Chris would visit or the people he would hang out with, Sgt. Odom says the leads on this case have since gone cold.

“Everything that we've gotten up until this point has been followed up on. Interviews, we've done search warrants, everything following up on social media. We just don't have the information to give us the general idea of where Chris is,” Odom said.

Elkton police hope someone has the information they need to find him.

“You may think it's unimportant, but believe me it is. We’ll take anything to follow up on, and continue to do that and follow up on the information as it's presented to us to make sure that we hopefully do everything that we can to find Chris,” odom said.

Chris Dietterick has a tattoo on his left calf which reads “Pear Jam” by mistake, it was supposed to read “Pearl Jam.”

He also has a tattoo of the San Diego Chargers logo on his left shoulder. He walks with a limp and has a swollen left foot due to ongoing health issues.

Chris's 44th birthday is December 16th.

“We hope we can get the information out, maybe to the public, somebody that doesn't know anything, or thinks they know anything, may trigger their memory, and they can contact us. Somebody that would maybe recognize Chris and say ‘hey I remember talking to him, and I remember him saying X,Y, or Z. Let me call the police and tell them this information,’” Odom said.

It could help find Chris and answers for his mother, Pam Wiseman.

“We want him back. We want to know what happened to him, just because, we need to know. We need some closure,” Wiseman said.

Chris’s Daughter created a charity event in her dad’s name called “Chris’s Cause.” For the second year in a row, his kids are collecting winter items for the homeless in his honor.

They'll deliver donations on December 16th, which is the date of their dad’s birthday.

Click here for information on how to donate.

CORRECTION: The date of Chris Diettrick's disappearance has been corrected from May 29, 2019 to May 30, 2019.