You'll find deals on these items after Christmas

Posted at 10:44 AM, Dec 22, 2015

Some of the best holiday savings can’t be found until after Christmas.

Call it the “very early jump start for next year’s season”, but savvy shoppers often save their major shopping spree until after the holiday. In 2014, the National Retail Association reported nearly $65 billion in post-holiday returns and shopping; this equals about one-fourth of the holiday spending.

Whether you want to prepare a shelf in your gift closet, stock up on decor for the following year or even pick up something for yourself because you didn’t find it under your tree, post-Christmas clearance sales are the source to score the best deals.

Wrapping paper
You know you’ll need it next year, so why wait until you’ve totally run out and pay full price? The pretty paper usually torn to shreds is a holiday necessity and it does add a layer of fun and style to the package. Stores mark down most wrapping paper from 50-75 percent right after the holiday to get rid of it in a hurry. If you love fancy (read: expensive) paper, then this is the time to pick up a bunch of it. Wrapping paper is usually one of the first things to disappear in the after-holiday clearance, so stock up while you can.

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