Baltimore, D.C. rank #7 in flu symptom city list

Posted at 12:37 PM, Dec 21, 2015
This year's flu season is expected to hit the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. regions pretty hard. That's according to a prediction released by WebMD. 
The online health resource says the 2015-2016 cold and flu season will peak during the first week of the new year, with the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area coming in at #7 among the cities most likely to experience the highest levels of cold and flu symptoms in the country. 
WebMD's Cold and Flu interactive map combines geo-location data and information compiled from more than 4 million monthly visits to the site's Symptom Checker. The map displays a real-time analysis of the spread of cold and flu.
Other cities across the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions made WebMD's list, with Richmond/Norfolk, VA ranking at #1. 
Top 20 U.S. Cities Likely to Experience Highest Rates of Cold and Flu Symptoms Early in the New Year:
1                     Richmond/Norfolk, VA
2                     Knoxville, TN
3                     Louisville, KY
4                     Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
5                     Nashville, TN
6                     Charlotte, NC
7                     Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C.
8                     Roanoke, VA
9                     Charleston, SC 
10                 Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
11                 Indianapolis, IN
12                 Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
13                 Cincinnati/Dayton, OH
14                 Birmingham/Montgomery, AL
15                 Atlanta, GA
16                 Austin, TX
17                 St Louis, MO
18                 Columbus, OH
19                 Grand Rapids, MI
20                 Omaha, NE

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