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Victim's family speaks out on deadly dog attack

Sheila Jones killed in alley near her home
Sheila Jones red shurt.jpeg
Posted at 4:44 PM, Jun 19, 2024

BALTIMORE — On Friday night, police responded to reports of stray dogs attacking people in the 2100 block of North Pulaski Street, and Keith Peters says he had no idea his wife, Sheila Jones, was one of them.

“I gave her three dollars, and like I said, she was going to get something from the store,” said Peters, “She never came back in. I found out the next morning.”

That’s when Jones’ only daughter, Ponnie, also learned of her mother’s death.

“When she turned around and saw it coming, she tried to get away and the dog… the detective said the dog got a grip on my mother and he just kept ripping,” Ponnie told us.

In spite of her own loss, Ponnie is thankful a Good Samaritan, Will Fortune, was able to save another woman who was also attacked while sustaining injuries of his own.

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Questions remain surrounding where the dogs came from, and investigators have very little to go on.

But Ponnie says that’s not that important to the her right now.

She has already set aside her initial anger and desire for justice.

“And then I’m just like seeing my mother smile at me like, ‘I didn’t go to where everybody thought I would go. So just forgive, try to lay me to rest and move on,” said Ponnie, “I don’t want to see nobody in jail. I don’t want to see nobody prosecuted. I just want to lay my mother to rest.”

Family and friends have now opened a GoFundMe account for those who would like to help pay for Sheila Jones’ funeral.