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Traveling locksmith cracks the safe at Red Emma's

Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-11 18:27:15-04

BALTIMORE — He did it! Red Emma’s safe has been opened. Now, what is inside?

After 30 plus spins and swirls no one has been able to crack off the 1920 era safe, until now.

Rick Ammazzini, from Winnipeg, traveled 1,500 miles to this book store and coffee shop on Greenmount Avenue. He flew in Wednesday and went right to cracking.

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He went right upstairs to look at the hinges first. One, two, three, four, “Looks good”, he said. He just did not want to open it and for a 400 pound door to fall on top of him.

Ammazzini is a bus driver by trade but a locksmith by love. He bought a gun way back when and needed to put it into a safe.

One problem, he forgot the combination. So, he went to work.

And after hours and hours he managed to get it open. Only one thing, he forgot how he did it.

With practice comes perfection. Ammazzini has stared at 105 safes and cracked all but five open.

This one was was tricky, he found out it was a three number lock not four. By early Thursday, he had it down to two numbers.

Then late into the evening he got it. Then this morning, Analysis, worker and owner of Red Emma’s, pulled the door open.

Ammazzini said, “Out of all the safes I’ve cracked, only one had stuff inside and that was just paperwork.”

This one had a pay stub for a Helen Davidson and a wine label from a famous California vineyard from Cresta Blanc.

It's funny that Ammazzini could write a book in a place where he is surrounded by books with the twists and turns that led to success.