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Three seconds that could save your life

Seatbelt awareness campaign underway in Maryland
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Posted at 4:16 PM, May 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-15 19:17:50-04

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — 19-year-old Jonah Baney was far more than a statistic.

“He was 19. He was going to Salisbury University the next day for Newly-accepted Students Day. He wanted to be a federal law enforcement officer,” said Joshua Baney, who now provides a eulogy to his youngest brother who lost his life in a crash in Carroll County on June 14 of last year when he failed to wear a seat belt. “He was leaving his girlfriend’s house. He was going no more than a mile and a half to Chick-fil-A just to buy some dinner and unfortunately a car turned out in front of him and he rolled his 4Runner and he was ejected through the sunroof.”

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While the law requires everyone inside a vehicle to be restrained, a safety campaign is underway leading up to Memorial Day targeting those who do not.

“So sometimes people say it takes too long and it reality, it takes just three seconds. Just do it as soon as you get in the car. Put that seat belt on,” said Maryland Motor Vehicle Administrator Chrissy Nizer, “The second excuse we hear is really it hurts my neck. It bothers my neck. You can adjust it up and down. It should not hurt if it’s properly installed. Also, people in the back seat often times are not buckled.”

Those people can become projectiles and injure or kill someone in the seats in front of them during an accident.

In the months since the crash in Westminster, Joshua has established the Jonah B. Foundation in his brother’s memory.

A tribute to a life cut short complete with a painful message that seat belts can save lives.

“He had all his whole life to live,” said Joshua, “and no parent should have to live with the fact their son has died from a tragedy that is totally preventable.”