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Summer arts program teaches city students through music

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jul 20, 2023

BALTIMORE — It might be nine in the morning at Henderson-Hopkins Elementary, but the students here are excited about learning through music.

"So it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a different way, while still learning what they need on the educational side as well," said
Latasha Adkins, one of the classroom teachers.

Today, the group of Pre-k students was focused on patterns.

Using shapes and then music notes, they came up with their own, then incorporated them into music.

"Students love art, they love sound, they love singing, they love that stuff, so for me it's been really really cool to sit with that instructor, see what their style is and see what they come up with and what we can brainstorm together. Arts for learning really gives us a powerful curriculum to set us up for success," said Ama Chandra-Brown, one of the classroom teachers.

The students love the program too, like five-year-old Ari.

"My favorite part of music class, is we can dance," he said before breaking out into dance.

While some students might break out into a dance during their interview, others like Olivia opt for song — singing Miss Mary Mack.

The program, Summer Arts for Learning Academy, is free to over 2,000 students at nine different locations.

It's nationally recognized for its impact and has been shown to mitigate summer learning loss.

"It takes their learning to another level cause they see the 'ah ha's.' I love that look when they light up and they can see the connection between this thing and that thing," said Chandra-Brown.

The students love the opportunity to get into the classroom and make some music.

You can find more information on Summer Arts and how to register here.