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Red Line transit mode to be selected soon, job impact study completed

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 07, 2024

BALTIMORE, MD — A requirement for any job is being able to get there.

For folks in Franklintown, getting downtown could be tough without a car.

That's where the Red Line would step in, once it's built.

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Fadil Santosa, a professor at Johns Hopkins, and his team analyzed the impact of the Red Line on job accessibility.

"The trip without the Red Line would involve three buses and some walking. Total trip time is 64 minutes, and now with the Red Line, the trip time is 43 minutes," said Santosa.

For a job to be considered accessible, the commute needs to be within 45 minutes.

Low to moderate income jobs become much more accessible if the Red Line is constructed.

The areas in red on this map see a jump in job accessibility, mainly East and West Baltimore.

Red Line.png

"Residents in 288 census blocks will see a 50% increase in job accessibility, and residents in 521 blocks will see at least 25% increase in accessibility," said Santosa.

The group at Johns Hopkins used the latest design of the Red Line which is a decade old.

The new plan hasn't been finalized yet.

"If the new Red Line is finalized, we can actually update our report because the tools are still there and we can update it again," said Santosa.

We reached out to the Maryland Transportation Authority about the new plan's progress.

In a statement the MTA said,​ "An announcement regarding mode choice is expected later this month and more information on the route alignment is expected by the end of the year."

Currently, there are dozens of proposals from people hopeful to see the project completed.