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Raising money to equip heroes, Fairplay firefighters need your help

Posted: 5:52 PM, Jun 28, 2024
Updated: 2024-06-28 17:53:36-04
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FAIRPLAY, Md. — Members of the District 12 Community Volunteer Fire Company in Washington County, Maryland are working towards getting new equipment for the brave men and women that save lives every day.

Unlike other companies, District 12 does not have a fire tax, meaning they are dependent on grants and contributions from members of the community.

"Everything from fixing a doorknob to buying a new million-dollar fire truck. We have to raise that money in-house," said Tracy McCleary, a member of the fire company.

That's one of the goals, a new fire truck.

McCleary tells WMAR that their overall goal for the year is $600,000, they have to raise about $450,000 of that to commit to a new fire truck.

Any money raised will go towards the down payment of that truck.

"And that fire truck is at right about $900,000. Our current truck is 23 years old, so we're trying to update our equipment for the men and women that go out there to the fire," McCleary said.

So, how exactly does the fund drive work?

"We do three to five fundraisers a month, and we do everything from chicken barbecue to a luxury bingo to a monthly Monday night bingo. And so we have to do everything from buy the chicken to advertising, getting the clientele in the door, and obviously making sure they have a great time," McCleary said.

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The fundraising efforts never stop, literally, it's a year-round thing.

District 12's mission is to continue to provide the heroes of the community with the best tools available to continue doing their job.

Their commitment to them mimics the commitment the fire company has to Fairplay.

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During our interview with the company, we asked how much it meant to the members of the fire company that the community comes together to support them.

"It's just very rewarding when we see our guests come and have a good time, and we're taking care of many, many obstacles to keep the fire company running by doing the fundraisers, and you get to know the people that come, and you get to make a bond with them, and that's very rewarding," said Rocky Wills, another member of the fire company.

If you want to come to an event, or just support the fire company, head to their website here.