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Proposed bills aim to combat "snitching culture," identify mass shooters

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-27 10:45:07-05

Two recent bills in Congress proposed by Maryland politicians look to stop mass shootings and better protect witnesses of crime.

Maryland congressman Kwiesi Mfume introduced The Witness Security and Protection Program Act on Wednesday, with a companion bill from Senator Ben Cardin.

Their goal with that legislation is to fight the 'snitches get stitches' culture .

It directs the Department of Justice to give $30 million a year in witness protection programs to state and local governments, which congressman Mfume says Baltimore could certainly put to good use.

"I don't know if we can really say we have witness protection. That's the problem. And as I surveyed, the country is sort of helter skelter and piecemeal. I certainly know that here in Baltimore, we could use those dollars for relocation, we could use those dollars for home security and for protection," Mfume said.

The second bill, the Identifying Mass Shooters Act, hopes to use data on previous mass shootings internet activity to create a digital footprint.

Investigators could use that to build an algorithm to find and flat potential mass shooters before they strike.

Mfume says the bill isn't about over surveillance and only looks for certain things that a mass shooter would do online.