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PRIDE 2024: “Power of the Past, Force of the Future”

Baltimore PRIDE 2024
Posted at 4:34 PM, Jun 16, 2024

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Pride, hosted by the Pride Center of Maryland (PCOM), is a huge annual party in Charm City celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. The event took place from June 10 through the 16th.

It was packed with live music, parties, obstacle courses, skill challenges, and drag performances.

The theme for this year is “Power of the Past, Force of the Future.” This statement pays homage to the historical progress and battles fought by the LGBTQ+ community while also recognizing that there’s more work to be done regarding equity, justice, and safe access to well-being and protection for diverse communities.

Tramour Wilson, Senior Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement, spoke on the importance of supporting Pride.

“Volunteering and sponsoring events like Baltimore Pride 2024 isn’t just a gesture of support,” said Wilson. “It's a commitment to fostering a community where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity is championed, and the bonds of unity grow stronger. To volunteer and sponsor Baltimore Pride 2024 means to embody the strength derived from our collective history and the momentum needed to shape a more inclusive future."

On the ground level, many folks in attendance were simply happy to be in a place where they were welcomed and safe.

“It’s [PRIDE] amazing,” says Mia Mohammed, a festival goer. “And like all the hatred that goes on and all the violence and stuff, it’s good to come together in a peaceful way and just enjoy and embrace everybody’s sexualities and identities without being judged or heard, you know?”