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Otterbein's Cookies gets new packaging, longer expiration date

New Otterbein's Cookies packaging
Posted at 11:46 AM, Sep 27, 2023

BALTIMORE — The beloved local brand of Otterbein's Cookies has announced it's updating its red-and-white checkered packaging.

The cookie company, which dates to 1881, said it's refreshing the brand with design improvements and a longer "Best By" date.

The new packaging features "a modern, elevated design that still calls back to simpler times" and a new, air-tight plastic sleeve that reduces breakage and extends freshness by 3 1/2 months, according to a press release.

Extending the expiration date is allowing the company to expand distribution in the coming months.

Ben Otterbein, fifth-generation owner, said in a statement:

We haven’t made many changes to the classic cookie recipes my great-great grandfather Adam Otterbein created when he founded the bakery in 1881, but it was time to evolve our packaging to respond to our customers’ needs and to reach new consumers... We were thrilled with the final result, a design that captures the nostalgia and goodwill Otterbein’s Cookies has built over the years with a significant improvement to the function of the packaging.