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Judge temporarily bars BGE from installing gas regulators outside Fed Hill homes

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jun 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-07 09:54:04-04

BALTIMORE — A judge on Wednesday issued a restraining order temporarily prohibiting BGE from installing new gas regulators outside the homes of Federal Hill residents who don't want them.

The ruling comes after several Baltimore City residents filed a lawsuit against BGE, raising environmental and aesthetics concerns.

BGE says replacing its aging low-pressure gas infrastructure with a higher-pressure system provides safer more reliable natural gas service.

Prior to the lawsuit BGE had threatened to shut off gas of those residents who wouldn't allow them to complete the work.

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The utility company claims its not up to home owners to decide whether new equipment gets installed.

"This important work has been reviewed and approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission, was granted a permit by Baltimore City, and is in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and BGE standards," BGE said in a statement following the judge's decision.

Last week three residents were arrested and charged after a peaceful standoff with BGE workers.

Although they strongly disagree with the judge's ruling, BGE said it would comply.

The order is in effect until July 10.

In the meantime BGE is barred from installing new external gas regulators on properties of those objecting.

They've also been ordered to restore gas service that was previously shutoff over the issue, and are barred from cutting off gas to other impacted customers.