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Is it swimmable or naw?: ShoreRivers is testing water for bacteria

Posted at 7:37 PM, Jun 10, 2024

There’s a lot of waves being made about swimming. Baltimore City’s pools opened back in May. Mayor Brandon Scott is due to take a dip in the Baltimore Harbor on June 23rd as part of the Harbor Splash 2024 event.

ShoreRivers has announced its swimmable bacteria testing program on May 23rd. As part of this initiative, a team of community scientists monitors levels of bacteria at swimming and boating hotspots. In Maryland, if an area is labeled a swimming beach, then bacteria testing and reporting are mandatory.

ShoreRivers Bacteria Sample
ShoreRivers Bacteria Sample

ShoreRivers says that 67 testers will monitor 50 sites on the Choptank, Miles, Wye, Chester, and Sassafras rivers; Eastern Bay; and the Bayside Creeks.

The results of the test samples are posted online here every Friday, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making the public aware of any water bodies that pose any health threats. There’s a page available for the Spanish-speaking community listing the test results as well here.