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ICNA is holding its 49th convention over the Memorial Day weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center

Posted at 9:56 PM, May 26, 2024

BALTIMORE — The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is hosting its yearly convention over the Memorial Day weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. This is the 49th time the gathering has been held, and it is reportedly the largest annual Muslim convention. Over 30,000 people of the Islamic faith attended.

The workshops are covering everything from A to Z: Islamic principles, family dynamics, youth development, social justice, and interfaith relationships and friendships. Even better, audience members had the opportunity to discuss these subjects with experts and scholars on site.

The purpose of the convention is to push community engagement and humanitarianism. The ICNA says, “Attendees participate in various community service initiatives and charitable activities, contributing to local charities and nonprofit organizations. This not only strengthens Baltimore's social fabric but also supports its economic well-being.”

The ICNA also notes that because of the sheer size of the event and the number of people who participate, this convention is a nice boost to Baltimore’s economy.

“[The convention] leads to increased hotel bookings, restaurant patronage, and overall spending in the city. This influx of attendees significantly benefits the tourism industry, with local hotels experiencing higher occupancy rates during the convention period. In addition, the increased foot traffic in restaurants, cafes, and eateries boosts revenue for local businesses and stimulates economic activity.”