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Howard County launches interactive food map

Howard County interactive food resource map
Posted at 1:14 PM, Apr 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-04 13:14:34-04

HOWARD COUNTY, Md. — Howard County residents can now see what food resources are available nearby, thanks to a new map created by local leaders. It's available at this site.

The county's Local Health Improvement Coalition has launched an interactive Food Connection Map to reach residents who may be struggling with food or other resources. The map shows food service sites, restaurants, SNAP food retailers, and other resources throughout the county.

The county said nearly a quarter of residents were concerned about having money to pay for rent, mortgage or food, according to a survey the county conducted two years ago.

The survey also found one-third of residents were eating vegetables less than once a day last week.

Health Officer Maura Rossman said in a statement:

“This convenient and easy to use tool helps residents find healthy and low-cost food resources in their communities. In speaking with community members, we frequently hear that people don’t know about the local food assistance programs available to them. This map, and an online resource guide, puts all of this information in one place so people can find the programs and services they need to help feed their families.”

The county is working on other initiatives, like analyzing a food and nutrition survey to address identified gaps, launch a container garden pilot project in the Owen Brown Place community (with help from the University of Maryland extension), and designing a brochure to supplement the online map.