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Harford County grads reunite at preschool where their friendships began

Harford grads recreate their pre-K photo
Harford County grads reunite at their old pre-K
Reunion at Goddard School of Bel Air
Posted at 11:26 AM, May 22, 2024

BEL AIR — High school graduation is often a time to say goodbye to your friends and teachers as you head off to college, but one group of recent grads took an even deeper trip down memory lane.

Thirteen Harford County graduates decided to reunite at the preschool where all their friendships began.

The Goddard School of Bel Air said the teens visited their pre-K teacher, Miss Sarah, who "is still employed in the same classroom they all attended, and it was so fun having them visit to discuss what colleges they will be attending in the fall."

They even took a photo in the classroom where their education started, as little kids.

One of the students, Chase Pitruzzella, said:

For me, it was cool because these were people that I grew up so close with, didn’t really see for 13 years of my life and then seeing them again that day just made me remember all the fun I had with them at Goddard, Doing things like remaking old pictures of ourselves and walking around the school made the experience really fun.

The students ended up at different high schools - Gilman School, John Carroll High School, Patterson Mill High School, Fallston High School and Aberdeen High School - and are all going to college this fall.