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Governor focuses on public safety in fourth and final bill signing

Posted at 5:33 PM, May 16, 2024

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Some of the most important pieces of legislation were held until the final bill signing of 2024 with Governor Wes Moore focusing on public safety.

"When we entered office, we said that public safety was going to be our number one priority and we said in order to get the results we actually wanted, it meant that we were going to have to move differently," said the governor.

The governor signed the Pava LaPere Act.

It gets rid of diminution credits for people convicted of first-degree rape.

Those credits allow the person convicted to get out of jail earlier.

Pava's parents were instrumental in getting it across the finish line.

"We worked very hard for both of these two bills to pass and we provided testimony time and time again and he just reminded us, reminded me that we did start something and worked hard to accomplish it but we're not done yet," said Frank LaPere, Pava's father.

The governor also signed a bill expanding penalties for juveniles who commit a crime.

It widens what they can be arrested for and lowers the age young people can be arrested from 13 to 10.

Finally, Maryland passed a budget.

"I am so incredibly proud of the work we were able to do with our house counterparts and with the administration to pass a balanced budget that invests in every one of the core priorities that our state residents should demand of us," said Senate President Bill Ferguson.

This one comes with increases in taxes and fees for tobacco users and motorists.

Tax and fee increases will remain a hot button issue into the next session as transportation and education funding continues to be a problem.