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Community gathers to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day in Annapolis

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day
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Posted at 4:36 PM, Mar 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-21 17:24:13-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Loud music, inspired dancers and plenty of balloons---St. Anne’s Parish Hall in Annapolis also echoed with the dreams of people living with Down syndrome.

“In the future, I would like to go to college and get a job and make my own money,” said Leah Sachs.

Every March 21st, reflecting a genetic disorder tied to the triplication of the 21st chromosome in an estimated one out of 700 babies, advocates pull out all of the stops.

“My daughter thinks of it as a holiday,” said Liz Zogby of the Maryland Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition, “She counts down the days until we get together with this community.”

While lobbying efforts continue to improve opportunities for those with Down syndrome in the schools, the workplace and the community at large, there is cause to celebrate.

“They are each in their own way writing their story and becoming even more a part of the fabric of our community,” said Zogby.

World Down Syndrome Day in Annapolis had self advocates asking the question, ‘Are you with us?’


Take a closer look.

“It’s really our abilities,” said Adrian Forsyth, “Our disability is really just one part of us. There’s many, many parts of us. Our dreams. Our missions. Our goals, and that’s what we want people to know especially for today.”

A day of celebration and a time for those with Down syndrome to remind people that the would rather they be with them, than for them.

“It’s really about, as my daughter said, respecting people with Down Syndrome,” said Leah’s mother, Heather Sachs, “realizing they have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, but unfortunately, do not always have the same opportunities.”