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Charging docs: Blood-covered man admits to gruesome murder of Baltimore woman

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jun 26, 2024

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City Police have arrested a man in connection to the murder of April Patterson.

It all began on June 16, just after 3:30 pm in the 1800 block of Spence Street.

Medical and fire personnel were taken to the apartment by a concerned neighbor who told them about an older man with a walker who was covered in blood stating that he "killed that b****."

After gaining entry, they discovered Patterson in what is to be described as a 'pool of blood.'

According to charging documents, Patterson sustained physical trauma and was stabbed by a sharp instrument.

Police arrived on the scene and learned the description of the suspect fit 65-year-old Tony Stewart. He was later detained him in the 2500 block of Washington Boulevard.

During an interview, Stewart told detectives he killed Patterson in his bathroom.

He admitted to using a knife to kill her, telling police he let her inside of his apartment but he didn't know her name.

He is charged with first and second-degree murder.