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Cannabis processing plants increasing production with legalization looming

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-12 03:13:39-04

TIMONIUM, Md. — At Curio Wellness, they create all different forms of cannabis products, from gummies to pre-rolled joints.

Soon, businesses like theirs will boom as cannabis is available to anyone over 21.

“We’re already in ramp up for July 1," said Wendy Bronfein, Curio's chief brand officer.

Curio grows its own plants then processes them at their own facility.

Then, they’re put in big plastic bags, each one tested and labeled.

“So this is telling, the patient, consumer or anyone who works in the store or anyone on our facility side what is the potency of the THC or any other minor cannabinoid," said Bronfein.

Then, processing starts getting the flower into oil and some products are distilled.

“That’ll yield a more refined oil which has a higher potency, and some of the less offensive cannabis flavors," said Zach Hall, the extraction manager.

From there the oils are used in a number of products – the largest room in the building is dedicated to gummies.

Thousands of them are getting ready for July 1.

Curio makes products in all different potency but only those under 10 milligrams can be sold to recreational consumers.

“It’s really that 10 milligrams and under that’s ramping up a lot more cause that’s where the influx of consumers is coming in,” said Brofein.

For the increase in business, Curio has been changing it’s processes, gummies used to be done with a hand cranked machine, now it’s automated.

Pre-rolled joints used to be done by hand, now a specialty machine cranks out hundreds in a day.

“We began our prep for adult use, long before today. There are certain regulations and details that we were waiting for that gave us final specifics for the process but we had enough information to get going and we needed to to properly serve the dispensaries," said Bronfein.

Wendy expects a surge in July and then a plateau into what a more normal amount of use across the state will be.

For these businesses, recreational cannabis becoming legal is a game changer.