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Baltimore native shares passion for music through street performance

Posted at 12:32 PM, Jun 14, 2024

TOWSON, Md. — On the corner of York and Pennsylvania in Towson, the brassy sounds of a trumpet can be heard coaxing out good times and joyful vibes as the summer months draw closer.

Cam Sterrett, a 33-year-old Pimlico native, often plays his trumpet out and about the local area.

"I've been playing for at least, like, over 20 years," Sterrett said. "Just bringing some people good music, and having a good time. And bringing people together. Last night I played as well out here. People were dancing, just kind of bringing some joy to the city."

Sterrett says that he has always loved music. His biggest influence comes from his parents and their enjoyment for music he adds.

Along with his solo "Cam's Sounds" gigs across town, Sterrett also teaches music.

Sterrett says that he hopes his music will help inspire and bring his community together, and that people will begin to take more notice of how much talent there is in and around Baltimore.

He also encourages everyone to follow their passions like he has.

"My message is, anything you want to do in life, make sure you go after it, you put the work in, put the heart, put the time you need to, and just put your efforts into doing it. Doing what you love to do," Sterrett said.